111SKIN Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask Box

HKD 918
A once limited edition product, the 111SKIN Rose Gold Brigtening Facial Treatment Mask Box is back and here to stay thanks to its ascent to cult classic status. Designed to transform your complexion and create a more radiant finish, the brightening mask is a luxurious treatment that’s ideal for any big event or special occasion. Formulated using 24K Colloidal Gold, your skin will be treated to a deeply soothing experience, helping to lessen the effects of inflammation while brightening your complexion for a more luminous glow. Rich in antioxidants, the Gold Extract works to keep skin safe from environmental aggressors that may cause damage, stress and irritation. Added Hexapeptide tones and tightens your skin for a firmer feel that appears energised. It also supports collagen levels, helping your skin to maintain a normal surface that looks healthier. Soothing Damask Rose is not only bursting with antioxidants, but is impressively calming and nourishing. It deeply hydrates your skin for a smooth, moisturised finish that stays conditioned and comfortable throughout the day. For a more youthful illusion, Argireline is blended into the mix, as this ingredient is linked to inhibiting muscle contractions, meaning it may help to lessen the presence of wrinkles and fine lines. Suitable for all skin types. Paraffin and sulfate free.