111SKIN Meso Infusion Lip Duo

HKD 432
A dual, two-in-one product, 111SKIN’s lip treatment helps to revitalise your pout with a simple step by step solution. Containing both a mask and a balm, the Lip Duo uses Mesotherapy inspired technology to leave your lips looking healthier with a luscious finish. Completely needle-free, the mask side uses an applicator to topically apply a nourishing blend of ingredients, helping to enhance the appearance of volume and definition. The balm complements the mask’s effects by locking in essential hydration to banish dryness, keeping moisture exactly where it needs to be throughout both the day and night. Skin will be left feeling silky smooth, helping to offer relief to anyone suffering from chapping. At the heart of the Lip Duo’s effectiveness is the powerful ingredient Bakuchiol, which is thought to offer all of retinol’s impressive benefits without any of the unwanted irritation. Lips will appear renewed and refreshed as Bakuchiol works to support the maintenance of new skin that seems smooth, plump and perfected.