111SKIN Meso Infusion Leave On Hydration Mask 75ml

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Deeply hydrate your complexion with 111SKIN’s leave-on mask, a plumping formula that leaves you looking more radiant than before. With a sumptuous, melting consistency, the mask sinks into skin to replenish and revitalised the driest, most dehydrated areas. Perfect for stressed complexions that are often exposed to pollutants, the mask boasts a concentrated blend of ingredients that can be left on skin following your usual cleansing and toning routine. Whether you’re using during the day or at night, the mask protects your skin to promote long-lasting comfort. Blended with an all-important Moisture Complex, the mask harnesses the moisturising properties of Hyaluronic Acid Alginate, Pullulan, Urea, Serine and Glycerine, all of which work together in a seamless matrix. This creates an invisible barrier to reduce water loss, keeping moisture where it needs to be. An added Amino Acid Complex uses a biochemical process to give your complexion photoprotection, making signs of sun damage less noticeable. Finished off with a nourishing botanical, Wu Zhu Yu, microcirculation will be supported, encouraging a brighter end result.