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100% Pure Caffeine Mask 5 Pack In Beauty: NA.

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100% Pure Caffeine Mask 5 Pack in Beauty: NA. 100% Pure Caffeine Mask 5 Pack in Beauty: NA. A shot of caffeine brings life to your skincare routine. 100% Pure Caffeine Masks feature a unique hydrogel design that is composed of 95% Organic Aloe Water and 5% plant cellulose to intensely hydrate the skin. The hydrogel assists in delivering active ingredients deep within your skin, allowing the revitalizing caffeine to work its anti-inflammatory and skin-energizing magic.. Reduces redness and restores sun-damaged skin. Vegan. Suitable for all skin types. 5 masks. Place mask onto a freshly cleansed face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Massage remaining liquid into the skin; do not rinse. Use at least twice per week. 100R-WU22. 1FSCRMB5. Founded out of a farmhouse in Napa, California, 100% Pure has been a staple in organic skincare, cosmetics, and body care since 2005. Proud to be pure, each formula is completely natural, cruelty-free, and free of artificial colors, fragrances, and preservatives. 100% Pure products are made entirely from nourishing, non-toxic ingredients, proving that the power is in the pure.