10 Shopping Habits That Have Been Impacted By Coronavirus

How The Pandemic Has Affected The Way We Shop Oline


It feels like the Corona virus is all anybody’s talking about right now. Globally, we are undertaking an involuntary 2020 social experiment, where working from home, cancelled gatherings, and missed holidays are all common ground, but the pandemic’s impact is affecting more than just the way we socialise.  


Since the start of the pandemic, Fashion and Lifestyle Search Platform Goxip has been monitoring the search and sales data globally across over 36,000 brands, to determine any noticeable shifts in online consumer behaviour. Taking into account over 5 million global searches, page views and sales statistics over the last 3 months, Goxip reveals the true impact a global wide spread pandemic can have on the ecommerce industry.


This is how people are browsing and shopping online:

  1. In a bid to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, consumers are spending more time shopping online. Browsing behaviour has peaked over the last 2 weeks, with people spending a third longer per browsing session. With more people staying at home, search behaviour has also been impacted, with an average of 1000 unique searches per minute.
  2. In the last month, searches for swimwear have decreased by 87% compared to this time last year, which could be as a result of flight restrictions and holiday cancellations. 

  3. More men are purchasing online. Goxip has seen sales for women vs men’s items go from a rate of 3-1 in January, to 2-1 currently, with sales for men’s items up 41% month on month.
  4. Celebrities are using fashion to spread the word, not the virus. There have been over 30,000 searches for celebrity inspired coronavirus masks. Singer Songwriter Billie Eilish wore head-to-toe custom-made Gucci at the Grammy Awards in January but it was her ‘Gucci mask’ that generated a surge of searches. Despite the custom made mask not being sold online, searches for ‘Gucci mask’ increased by 210% the next day. 

    Designers are using fashion to make a statement. French Designer, Marine Serre sent models sporting face masks down the runway in Paris Fashion week. Searches for the designer increased by 130% the following week.
  5. Searches for ‘masks’ in general are up 160% month on month and the most popular mask brand on Goxip is ‘A Bathing Ape’, now completely sold out.  Even at home spa masking treatments have seen an impact, with sales for ‘sheet masks’ and ‘clay masks’ up 68% since January.


  6. Need for activewear remains consistent, despite gym attendance plummeting. Whether people are doing home workouts, or wanting comfortable work from home attire, sportswear sales are up 39% globally. Sales for ‘yoga mats’ have doubled since last month, with Adidas the most purchased.


  7. Perhaps through necessity to remain in a calming environment throughout all this uncertainty, sales for candles have increased by 45% since last month. 
  8. With a higher demand to keep healthier than ever right now, Goxip has noted a 82% rise in traffic to the ‘supplements’ page category. Multivitamins are currently the most sought after supplement, followed by Omega 3.  

  9. Special occasion items have seen a decline in popularity. Sales for women’s ‘party dresses’ have decreased by 105% since January and men’s ‘blazers and suits’ are down 65%.
  10. Despite a clear rise in popularity for online shopping over the last 3 months, customers on Goxip are actually spending less money per transaction, (-35%) compared to this time last year, contradicting the bulk buying we’re seeing in food shops around the world. 

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