13 Jul 2020

How Vera Wang Looks So Good At 71

How Vera Wang Looks So Good At 71<br/> | Goxip

You'd be hard-pressed to look at these images of Vera Wang without wondering what her secret is to achieving ageless beauty. At 71 (yes, you read that right) Vera Wang looks as youthful, glowing, and healthy as she did years ago. But all that seemingly effortless beauty doesn't come from just sheer luck.

Vera Wang obviously, is famed for her celeb-worthy wedding gowns and is the creator of her own fully-fledged fashion empire, but she has also has worked hard to achieve her youthful and sophisticated look. So, what is her secret?

Vera Wang’s Ageless Beauty Tips

With a bit beauty-editor detective work (and a little help from the internet), we managed to uncover a few key beauty tips that Vera Wang swears by for achieving that ever-youthful glow. Keep scrolling for three reasons why Vera Wang looks so great at 71.

Sun Protection

Much like every dermatologist ever, Wang confirms that protecting her skin from the sun is the most important step in her everyday beauty routine. As well as wearing a high SPF every day, Wang understands the importance of covering up, even when the allure of the sun is tempting.

Quitting Sugar

What you eat can influence how and when your skin reveals its true age and Vera Wang’’s strict sugar-free diet is in part credited for her smooth and glowing complexion. The not-so-sweet effects of sugar on the skin can be blamed on how our bodies break down glucose. Known as glycation, this process directly causes skin aging and it basically refers to the way in which sugar molecule bonds to a protein or lipid molecule. This, in turn, creates an “advanced glycation end product”, which breaks down collagen and elastin, those lovely structures that keep your skin plump and causes wrinkles. Take it from us, cut out sugar now and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

Don’t Eat Late At Night

Besides the extra calories, eating too close to bedtime can have other health implications such as digestive issues. When sleeping, our digestion naturally slows down as our metabolism enters a resting state. Like Vera, make sure to have a satisfying meal at dinner that will sus

Now, we couldn’t get to the end of this list without mentioning Vera Wang’s incredible dress sense. Ever stylish, Wang is known for her offbeat mix-and-match wardrobe that is imbued with a youthful flair. Always one to show off her legs, Wang is often pictured looking sensational in short dresses and skirts on her Instagram.

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