7 Feb 2020
Nicole Leung

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas: Cute and Romantic Couple Outfits!

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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas: Cute and Romantic Couple Outfits! | Goxip

Valentine’s Day is fastly approaching. Chances are you have already planned somewhere special to go with your dearest one-but have no idea what to wear. Whether you are heading to a romantic dinner, or just planning to watch netflix at home, it’s good to polish up the outfits of you two to become matchy-matchy. Here, find the tips to rock the coordinating couple outfits with your lover on V-day, and get the inspiration rolling.

Wearing the same style in different colors is the easiest way to match, and can let you make a statement with your partner yet still look effortless. You’d gonna love how chic you look as you spend the day together.

Wearing the same color tone is a safe yet low-key bet as well. Feel free to decide a specific color combination with your partner, then choose the corresponding items to wear. Time to go matchy-matchy together in some wardrobe staples!

Another subtle way to coordinate outfit with your bae is to incorporate the same elements into outfits, say the same prints or textiles. Stripesk, checks, denim and leather are the easiest elements to match, and are so classic and timeless. Can you ever go wrong with it?

Not a bad idea to be awesome twosome with some matching accessories! For instance, coordinated hats, scarves, sneakers or socks can definitely earn extra points for your couple outfits.

There’s nothing more adorable than matching with your lover. And we’d be lying if we said we didn't want to join the couple outfit game on such a special day. Feel free to scroll through Matchesfashion to shop trendy Womenswear and Menswear so as to get well prepared. Look for something you both really like and snap a couple selfie to commemorate the day!

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