28 Jul 2020

How To Look Slimmer With These 3 Styling Tips

How To Look Slimmer With These 3 Styling Tips | Goxip

What if we told you that you look 5 pounds slimmer and not even have to break a sweat. Well, we’re not lying to you. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a wand (or even a gym) to work some hot-for-summer magic.

No matter what your size or weight on the scales, how we look often all comes down to proportions. Meaning, no matter how skinny you are, anyone can look heavier than their actual size if they don’t dress for their shape properly. And even with a closet full of clothes, it can be easy to go wrong, which is where a select few easy-to-remember styling tips come in.

So on days when you’re not feeling your confident self (because we all have those days), see our 3 styling tips below that will make you feel - and look instantly slimmer.

(1)The Mini Dress

How To Look Slimmer With These 3 Styling Tips | Goxip

When trying to camouflage any body parts you don’t like, your natural instinct may be to hide underneath baggy attire. But you should actually be doing the opposite. A slim-fitting mini dress with sleeves will help conceal any areas of concern, whilst still looking feminine and cute. Even better, try a colour-blocked, striped or printed design that will create the illusion of a smaller frame.

(2)Wide-leg Trousers

How To Look Slimmer With These 3 Styling Tips | Goxip

It’s time to break away from the safety of a skinny, straight-leg silhouette and embrace wide-leg trousers. Despite their name referring otherwise, skinny pants actually have the opposite effect and only work to accentuate any areas of concern, whereas a well-cut pair of high-waisted, wide-leg trousers can do wonderful things if you've got a small waist and bigger bottom/thighs. Equally stylish teamed with a pair of sneakers as a killer ankle boot, they work with oversize jumpers, tucked-in tops and crisp white shirts, and unlike skinnies, there is no squeezing, bunching or peeling off.

(3)Loose Trousers, Close-fitting Top/ Skinny Trousers, Loose-fitting Top

How To Look Slimmer With These 3 Styling Tips | Goxip

We call this the rule of opposites. As mentioned, wide-leg trousers that come with a high-waist will instantly make your legs appear longer, but in order to accentuate your curves, this style is best paired with a close-fitting top or tucked-in blouse which will add balance to the extra material on the bottom. And the opposite goes for if you’re wearing an oversized T-shirt, which is best paired with a skinny, or slim-leg trouser which will add balance to your look. Though just make sure not to go for a trouser or jean that is super skinny as the contrast will just look odd.

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