2 Jan 2020
Wendy Lee

Petite Styling Tips! Outfits that make you look slimmer and taller!!

Super useful and easy skill!

Petite Styling Tips! Outfits that make you look slimmer and taller!! | Goxip

As a petite, you may find that wearing stylish and to find something that suits you well is quite difficult, most of the designers’ clothes seem too big or too long for you. No matter what you wear, people define you as cute, but not chic. Want to look chic and stylish on IG, not only posing can help, your outfit can change the game too.

We have gathered some simple styling tips to make you look taller and style your ultimate look.

Most petite don’t like wearing jeans, because it seems to make you smaller. But this is a wrong mindset. You just can’t find the right jeans for you. Remember, if you want to look tall and slim, high-waisted jeans are your best friend. Always, always, wear high-waist, it will create the illusion of longer legs.

Every girl loves a dreamy one-piece dress, it is super effortless and easy to style. But for petite, please make in mind that smock dress does not suit you, it will make you look childish instead of chic. If you want to create an ultimate grown-up glam look, a high-waisted one-piece dress is what you are looking for. Also, matches with a pair of boots, it creates better balance and proportion.

Many petite like wearing a mini skirt to create a longer proportion, but this is not too fashionable and seems a bit college outfit. If you want to look chic yet long and mature, a silk or satin skirt is what you are looking for. Simply matches with any top such as knitwear, tee or cropped top can create a super Instagram-able.

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