5 Feb 2020

Upgrade your sense of smell! Our best picked perfume that You’re Going to Be Obsessed With!

Upgrade your sense of smell! Our best picked perfume that You’re Going to Be Obsessed With! | Goxip

Valentine's day is just around the corner, I guess every lady in this world is getting extremely excited for this loving moment. Besides getting new clothes and putting on the most gorgeous makeup, you need some decent perfume to evaluate your charm. Coco Chanel once said” A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." People for five scent, but smell creates the strongest impression and creates the deepest memory. There are a lot of different perfumes in the market, some are too normal, some are a bit tacky. In order to find the unique and decent smell for you to steal his heart is not that easy. We have picked 3 best perfume brands that provide stunning perfume. Follow our guide and we will make sure you have the perfect day.

BYREDO is from Sweden, BYREDO perfume has a strong Scandinavian aesthetics and the perfume is so unique from the others. Especially La Tulipe, they use Tulipe as the main character, which is super rare in the perfume industry. The unexpected blend creates a clean and light floral smell that evokes lush and hedonistic glamour.

Diptyque is famous for creating luxury scented candles and personal fragrances. Diptyque gathering specimens from the world’s finest gardens in the creation of perfumes. Every bottle of perfume contains art and unexpected harmony. Their signature scent is Diptyque Tam Dao, the sandalwood and amber add warmth and sensuality.

Buly 1830 is a historical perfumes brand with a lot of stories. Their perfume has a unique vintage herbal smell and the natural beauty series also is super popular. Besides the decent smell, their packaging is very stylish and chic that no one can resist.