29 Oct 2020
Danny Chan

The Old Celine Pieces To Shop Now

The Most Timeless Celine Designs

The Old Celine Pieces To Shop Now | Goxip

The outpouring of grief in the wake of Phoebe Philo leaving Celine was like nothing the fashion world had seen before. In the aftermath, we saw Philophiles mourn via the hashtag #OldCeline which was quick to trend on Instagram, and saw some of Philo’s most iconic designs skyrocket in price on resale sites. For the first time in years, however, prices for old Celine are just beginning to fall. Meaning, if you still feel that Philo-shaped hole in your life, now is just the time to hop onto to a resale site and getting adding to bag. To aid you in your search we’ve listed below our favourite #oldceline handbags that every Philo-obsessed needs in her life.


The Old Celine Pieces To Shop Now | Goxip

The super chic and practical Celine Twisted Cabas leather tote remains one of the hardest to find styles on resale sites - it really is that rare! Crafted in luxurious smooth calfskin leather, it features a knotted strap detail and two-toned colouring, giving it a cool, modern feel. Large and spacious, it’s perfect for the girl on the go.


The Old Celine Pieces To Shop Now | Goxip

A Celine clutch is one of the most timeless and minimal pieces a girl can own. In fact, Celine’s most famous styles are similar to Bottega Veneta’s offerings, but are much cheaper in price - so keep an eye out.


The Old Celine Pieces To Shop Now | Goxip

Proving that you don’t need to sacrifice luxury for functionality and vice-versa, Celine’s Big Bag is one of the house’s most practical styles. Large and roomy, it will easily fit all your day-to-day essentials and more, all the while looking super chic when swung over your shoulder.


The Old Celine Pieces To Shop Now | Goxip

The Clasp is one of the last masterpieces from Phoebe Philo’s legacy and it remains one of the brand’s most iconic styles to date. Inspired by 50s designs, it’s shaped to a box silhouette, with a slim, single handle and a gratifying click clasp. It’s a style so timeless, it’s a guaranteed investment.


The Old Celine Pieces To Shop Now | Goxip

With its clean lines and pared-back adornment, the Classic is old Celine personified. This style made its way onto the market in 2011 and still remains one of the most in-demand and iconic Celine styles today.


The Old Celine Pieces To Shop Now | Goxip

The Trio was born in 2011 and instantly became one of the brand's best-selling bags - there wasn’t a blogger or fashion editor who didn’t own it. This It-bag is made of three separate compartments that could be unattached from one another to create different bag silhouettes.

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