12 Jun 2020

Why you should be using oatmeal in your skincare

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Why you should be using oatmeal in your skincare<br/> | Goxip

Oatmeal is more than just your favourite breakfast cereal. Did you know that our skin can benefit from this nutritious grain too? As anyone with sensitive skin will tell you, trying to find products that don’t irritate or upset your skin’s barrier can be well, difficult to say the least. Which is where, when doing some research into natural skin products that are safe enough to use on sensitive skin, we came across the amazing beauty benefits of oatmeal.

So, to give you the low down, oatmeal contains avenanthramides, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that all work to soothe itchy, dry and irritated skin. It also just so happens to be great for acne-prone skin too, as it helps to absorb oil from the skin’s surface.

But we didn’t just want to preach our Google knowledge to you, instead, we thought we’d try out some homemade oatmeal skincare for ourselves and relay our honest thoughts - here’s what we learnt.

(1) It’s great to wash your face with

Who would have thought that oatmeal works wonders as a cleanser! This is because it contains chemicals known as saponins that are characterized by their intense cleansing properties. To create a homemade cleanser, simply get a spoonful of oats and soak them in warm water, before rubbing the mix onto your skin in circular motions to cleanse the face. After cleaning any residue off with lukewarm water, finish by applying a light moisturiser that will keep the skin hydrated.

Because oatmeal is naturally exfoliating, we used this recipe twice a week in order to not over strip the skin.

(2) 100% Natural DIY Moisturizing Mask

An oatmeal mask will work for any skin type and is even safe enough for those who have sensitive or acne-prone skin. By applying oatmeal to the skin, it’ll work to soothe any dry, itchy or irritated areas, whilst also working to absorb excess oil. We love that with the addition of honey, this homemade mask will also work to relieve inflamed skin and alleviate any areas of dryness.

Honey Oatmeal DIY mask

Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of oats, 1 egg white

Method: In a bowl add the honey and egg white and mix in a tablespoon of rolled oats, until it forms a thick, paste-like consistency.

Apply the mix to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

Effects: This mask will help to exfoliate dead skin cells, moisturise and fade dark spots.

If this recipe sounds messy, it’s well, because it is. If you’d rather save some mess in your kitchen, opt for one of these oat-based skincare, below that are all well worth investing in.

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