24 Jun 2020

Follow K-pop Star Taeyeon’s Anti-ageing Style Secrets

She doesn't look like 31.

Follow K-pop Star Taeyeon’s Anti-ageing Style Secrets <br/> | Goxip

There are some celebrities who just seem to never age. Case in point, the Korean K-pop star Taeyeon. Taeyeon first appeared on our style radar back in 2007 when the girl group Girls’ Generation exploded onto the K-pop scene. Fast forward to 2020 and Taeyeon is just as popular as she was 10 years ago, with a successful solo career firmly under her belt. What we can’t get over though, is how the singer looks exactly like she did in her early G Generation days and not like she’s aged at all.

So what’s her secret? It could be good surgery, it could be good skincare and make-up (we have a hunch it’s all 3), but we also think it’s down to Taeyon’s style choices. While being comfortable in one's own skin (and wardrobe) is numero one, it's safe to say that one thing that no one wants to wear is something that ages them. A youthful appearance is something we all strive for, whether subconsciously or not and this is something Taeyeon definitely has down to an artful science. So if you’ve ever wondered how to look younger than your age, we’ve dissected the K-pop’s star’s top style habits that will make you look more youthful in an instant. Here’s what we learnt.

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(1)Crop Top x shorts

Follow K-pop Star Taeyeon’s Anti-ageing Style Secrets <br/> | Goxip

Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat: There is no age limit to owning a crop top. You should wear what you love as long as it makes you feel comfortable. And crop tops? They're chic and they’re comfortable, especially in hot, humid weather - so why not wear them. That said, there are some grown-up ways to bare your midriff in style. Taeyeon is often spotted in a crop top and denim shorts, a simple outfit combo that never dates. However, to elevate this look, we suggest adding a statement accessory - why not try a leather jacket or biker boots to take this look up a level.

(2)Colorful mix n match Style

Follow K-pop Star Taeyeon’s Anti-ageing Style Secrets <br/> | Goxip

One of the most effective ways to achieve that youthful glow is via the colours we chose to wear. As we age, we tend to forget all about colour and go for safer more sensible options like neutrals, black and grey which are, let’s face it, more boring. Whatever your age though, it pays to be bold, as a bright pop of colour can knock years off of you in seconds. Create a cool contrast between two hues, or simply throw out the rule book and embrace your eccentricty by mix and matching multiple shades - a territory much beloved by the likes of Mr Alessandro Michele at Gucci.

(3)Summer Sports look

Follow K-pop Star Taeyeon’s Anti-ageing Style Secrets <br/> | Goxip

As we age, regular workouts become more important and for a bit of extra workout motivation, nothing does the trick like a sportswear overhaul. The great thing about activewear is that it looks good at every age (as Taeyon proves) and has a habit of being supremly flattering. To nail the cool sportswear look, we recommend investing in stylish, good quality gym wear that will guarantee you’ll look slick both at a HIIT class and on your way to brunch.

Follow K-pop Star Taeyeon’s Anti-ageing Style Secrets <br/> | Goxip
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