3 Oct 2020

The top 4 perfumes that Kpop stars love

The top 4 perfumes that Kpop stars love | Goxip

Every woman in the world loves perfume. The distinct fragrance compliments with your aura, your style, and your mood. However, not all perfumes are unique, there will be chances where someone will buy the same perfume as you do, which will end up being quite embarrassing. Here are some perfumes that are lesser known but perfect for you.

Compared to big branded perfumes, lesser known perfumes focus more greatly on the formulae. Resulting in a more fragrant and more personalized scent. Here are some perfumes that are favored by KPOP stars.


The top 4 perfumes that Kpop stars love | Goxip

First up the list is Goutal by Annick Goutal. Annick Goutal was a pianist who decided to create her own french perfume brand. Each perfume by Goutal has a unique story as well as a distinct scent that are praised by many users and artists. Goutal has always been environmentally aware and focuses heavily on using natural ingredients and are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner.

Goutal’s classic - Petite Chérie has a very distinct smell of peaches and pear, a hint of fruitiness. On top of that, wild roses, a hint of grassiness brings out a very sweet and fresh note, perfect for younger females. The actress, Han So-Yee, who starred in the Korean TV The World of the Married loves this perfume and can’t ever say no to it.

The top 4 perfumes that Kpop stars love | Goxip

Let’s talk about the packaging of these perfumes from Goutal. Tenue De Soiree and Etoile D’une Nuit. It’s absolutely stunning and right off the bat, it looks elegant and unique. Joy from the Korean girl group, Red Velvet, has once verbally recommended on a livestream that the Etoile D’une Nuit is her favourite perfume. Its floral and fruity tones are very pleasant to smell.

Le Labo

The top 4 perfumes that Kpop stars love | Goxip
The top 4 perfumes that Kpop stars love | Goxip

Coming from New York, Le Labo has been advertised by many celebrities in the past. With its industrial packaging approach, it’s quite popular amongst many people. With its recent release of the Citron 28, many have been discussing how much they love it, including BLACKPINK’S Rosé. This perfume is made with lemon, raw ginger, jasmine and many others. This creates a very distinctive floral and fresh citrus tone that is loved by many, especially in Korea.

Another popular choice in Hong Kong, is the Bigarade 18. It extracts its essences from neroli petals, costus essence, and many others. The combination creates a very mellow but fresh tone.


The top 4 perfumes that Kpop stars love | Goxip

Next from Europe, Byredo. It’s black and white design compliments the European style, giving a more mature fragrance and many celebrities are a big fan of it. Byredo’s Blanche and Mojave Ghost are very popular amongst male Korean stars but some females love the musk, giving a very cool aura to the user.

The top 4 perfumes that Kpop stars love | Goxip

However, it can’t get any more special than this. This year, to celebrate valentine’s day, Byredo introduced the “nameless” perfume. Why nameless you might wonder. It’s to celebrate each couple’s back story and make it personalized and special for this special day. Byredo included an alphabet printing paper for you to rename this perfume and make it your own. A very thoughtful and special idea.


The top 4 perfumes that Kpop stars love | Goxip

London’s Creed perfume is known for its cool and mild fragrant as well as its luxurious packaging. But the Love in White perfume is fairly feminine and romantic. A rosey and floral tone, combined with orange, vanilla and sandalwood essence just seals the deal. It is the perfect bottle to have everywhere you go.

The top 4 perfumes that Kpop stars love | Goxip

In a live stream of “What’s in my bag”, the South Korean star, Park Min-Young, is seen holding up Creed’s spray bottle that is handy for outings. The spray bottle is made from gold and it is a refillable container so you won’t have to worry about running out of perfume when you’re going out.

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