12 Feb 2020
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Knitwear Care: Right Ways to Wash Your Sweaters!

Learn the right ways to wash your favourite knitwear!

Knitwear Care: Right Ways to Wash Your Sweaters! | Goxip

We all love sweaters. They keep you as cozy as you want, and go with almost anything in your closet. But there’s some signs that are more or less unavoidable: pilling or shrinking. Here, find the tips to take care of your favourite sweaters.

There are many different kinds of sweaters, some are knitted from cotton, while some others are made in acrylic, wool, cashmere, etc. Remember to check the washing labels before you start cleaning.

Knitwear Care: Right Ways to Wash Your Sweaters! | Goxip

Hand Wash

Hand-washing is the safest way to wash natural fibers. First, add some natural detergent into a big tub of water. Then gently squeeze the sweater. Remember don’t scrub it too hard, or else it may cause shrinking or stretching.

Put into Laundry Bags For Machine Wash

Most of the sweaters made of synthetic fibers can be washed by your washing machine. Turn inside out the sweaters, then put them into mesh laundry bags, so as to avoid pilling. Use cold water to wash, because warm/hot water can make them shrink.


Gently squeeze the sweater to get away excess moisture, then lay it flat on a towel for air-drying. Don’t hang or sunbathe it, so as to avoid reshaping. If the washing label suggests you use a drying machine, remember to turn to a lower temperature and a shorter time.


Wanna remove pilling and return your sweater to like-new condition? Use a fabric shaver instead of your bare hands.

Neatly Folded in Drawers for Storage

Never hang your sweater, as the weight will stretch out the piece! Make sure it;s clean and thoroughly dry, and then fold and place it in your wardrobe.

Make good use of the above tips to take care of your sweaters! Once you learn how to wash, dry, and reshape sweaters at home, you'll avoid dry-cleaning and save big!