24 Jun 2020

The Hermes Items You Can Actually Afford

You can own one too.

The Hermes Items You Can Actually Afford <br/> | Goxip

When it comes to the world’s most iconic brands Hermès often tops the list. Renowned for its holy grail of handbags, the Birkin, Hermès is the pinnacle of ultimate luxury. However, you’re probably well aware that a tote from the celeb-favourite brand comes with an expensive price tag, with prices ranging from US $10,000 to US $217,000 (yes, really) for one of its coveted styles.

When you buy from Hermès though, you can be assured that each piece is made with the finest materials and craftsmanship, and it just so happens to be one of the only brands whose rare bags actually holds its value over time. Price tag aside though, most Hermès items come with a long waiting list. Yeap that’s right, to acquire a brand-new Birkin you need to be on a waiting list before you can even begin to think about toting around your new investment piece.

But we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to be dropping thousands to own your own piece of Hermès. There are a plenty of more affordable items that you can purchase from the brand which also just so happen to be much easier to get your hands on. Hermès accessories tend to get overshadowed by its all-star seller the Birkin, but each is no less luxurious or stylish.

So if you’re looking for an introductory purchase from the brand or simply just looking for some luxe new accessories to add to your line-up, ahead, we list the 4 Hermès items to get your hands on - no re-mortgaging your flat needed.

Printed Silk Scarf

This luxe silk scarf is the most entry-level purchase from the brand but is by no means less special. Hermès' printed silk scarves were first created in 1937, and 80 years later, they remain just as sought after. It can take up to two years to create a scarf, which all have the same 90-by-90-cm square form and are crafted by hand. Over the years there have been over 500 designs by 100’s of designers, making them as much a collector's piece of art as an accessory. Priced around US $130, it’s a bargain for owning a timeless piece that can work in any wardrobe.


When you think of Hermès, you don’t necessarily think fashion but the brand’s Paris runways collections are revered in the industry, known for classic shapes, rich materials, and an overall bourgeois air (it is Hermès after all). Even better, its ready-to-wear is at a much cheaper price point than its leather accessories. You can purchase yourself a classic linen shirt, or a silk slip dress, both wear forever pieces from the historic house that will cost around US $1000.


There is nothing chicer than going to pay for your takeaway coffee and pulling out a luxe designer wallet - even better if it’s a Hermès one. Providing an affordable access point to the brand, these classic designer wallets are an elegant and easy way to upgrade your accessories.

Small Accessories

In addition to scarves, clothing and of course, handbags, Hermès also sells a series of different smaller accessories. Selling everything from rings, bracelets, gloves, keyrings and hats to Apple watch straps, these items don’t come cheap but are all options in the nearly affordable range - that’s just if you don’t mind splurging on a pocket organiser.

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