17 Sep 2020

The 4 Designer Bags Worth Investing In

The 4 Designer Bags Worth Investing In<br/> | Goxip

Trends come and go, but 2020 was the year that fashion brands turned away from fads and instead, focused on going green. Yeap, it’s official, sustainability is one of the biggest trends for 2020, with more and more customers wanting to shop smart, make good decisions with their buying power and still look stylish.

September is known as the month of renewal and as all of the new season stocks hit shelves, we ask, what if you revived your closet instead with something old - or, better put vintage. Pre-loved fashion has steadily been on the rise with platforms like VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE, Farfetch and VC.com have seen a 20% in sales during the pandemic alone. Just recently, VC.com’s fashion director, Sophie Hersan, invited 4 vintage experts to select the most in-demand handbags from the past 40 years. Scroll below for the top styles that guaranteed to hold their retail value and you never know - you might just find one of them in your grandmother’s closet.

(1)Hermes Kelly Bag

Hermes is known for a series of iconic It bags over years but the Kelly might just be their most famous. The Kelly was made in the Thirties but became famous in 1956 when a pregnant Princess Grace Kelly used different versions of the bag to hide her expanding stomach from the press.

The 4 Designer Bags Worth Investing In<br/> | Goxip
When the pictures caught wildfire, the bag was aptly renamed The Kelly and still to this day remains a cultural icon. Hermes stores still carry long waiting lists for customers.

(2)Chanel Classique Leather

Released in February 1955, giving the bag its 2.55 name, Coco Chanel transformed evening bags forever by adding a chain strap to the popular clutches of high society women of that era. Instantly recognizable with its quilted leather and chain strap, the flap bag got a reissue in 1983 when Karl Lagerfeld took over as creative director, adding the now iconic ‘CC’ clasp.

(3)Prada Handbag

Prada has an impressive history of It Bags, but its nylon tote is arguably the brand's most iconic. It was a classic from its launch in 1982 and remains a sought after style for those looking for a bag that is both functional and stylish.

(4)Dior Saddle Handbag

Made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City, there wasn’t stylish arm in the 00s that wasn’t adorned without Dior’s logo-printed Saddle bag. Unfailingly recognisable with its unusual shape, the bag comes with an oversized 'C' and 'D' charm hanging from the side and a short handle that makes it perfect for nestling just under the arm.

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