16 Jan 2020
Nicole Leung

Fresh Ways to Wear A Silk Scarf!
Incredible Hairstyles That You Should Try!

Read on to see different ways to wear silk scarves in your hair.

Fresh Ways to Wear A Silk Scarf! <br/>Incredible Hairstyles That You Should Try! | Goxip

Ever wonder what a silk scarf can do other than wrapping around your neck? The ultra-stylish influencers love their versatility, and have reframed it as a newest hair accessory. You can barely scroll through Instagram without seeing the hair scarves these days. As long as you choose the right hair scarf, they can easily perfect your hairstyle with a stylish take. Whether use the hair scarves to match braids, ponytails or buns, or as a headband or hair wrap, they are going to give your hair an effortlessly chic finishing touch. See our edits below.

Intricating ponytails woven with scarves is now a thing. As seen on the Japanese influencers, scarf-braiding can not only add more interesting colors to the hairstyles, but also add a youthful allure to your look. Make sure you pick some light and long styles, so as to braid easier with your hair.

Chances are you are already very familiar with using silk scarves as headbands. This face-framing technique has been featured on a lot of celebrities, and is so easy that pretty much anyone can style it in no time.

Scarf-buns have been ubiquitous starting from last season. Simply just wrap it around your bun, or tie up a bun by blending the scarf in your hair. It’s gonna be the biggest hit of the coming season!

Tie the long silk scarf around your low ponytail! It’s the easiest and freshest way to knot. A warm reminder — choose a silk scarf that has similar length with your ponytail.

A bigger scarf can easily turn into a hair wrap/turban, which can hide your greasy roots in the early morning, or instantly add extra Insta points to your look.

Invest in a silk scarf and dress up your hair starting from today!

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