11 Dec 2020

French Girls Reveal Their 5 Diet Tips

French Girls Reveal Their 5 Diet Tips | Goxip

Our love for all things French knows no bounds. Even before Emily In Paris came into our lives, we had fallen head over heels for the allure of French women who exude Parisan chic. What can we say? There’s just something so aspirational about the fact that Parisian women manage to look both completely put-together and impossibly effortless at the same time.

Ask any French woman and they’ll say that their secret is all about balance. From diet to beauty and style, French girls really do care how they look, but they also know not to fuss too much about it. The myth that French girls can have their cake and eat it too, however, is only true to some extent. There are some simple rules French girls stick to ensure they enjoy themselves in life - but don’t go overboard. Below, are 5 must-know tips and diet secrets from French women.

Love and Treat Your Body With Respect

Incredible food and wine are essential parts of French culture - something that natives aren’t just unwilling to sacrifice but also don’t have to. French women don’t underestimate their power of practising moderation. They like to treat themselves, but instead will commit to small serving sizes and savour every bite so that don’t feel the need to overdo it.

(2)Walk More

Never underestimate the power of a good stroll. The model Caroline de Maigret once revealed that she forces herself to walk a lot: “For example, if I have an appointment and I go by car, I park 20 minutes [away]. Paris is a city where you can walk a lot. Sometimes I just walk for an hour, if I have time, which is the same hour you would have gone to the gym—my mind is happier that way.”

(3)Prepare Your Meals

As mentioned mealtimes are a big deal in France and are often treated as occasions to get together with friends and family. By pre-planning ahead, French girls will ensure that if they know they’ll be having a big dinner or a lot of wine that evening, they’ll stay away from high-calorie foods throughout the day.

Eat Your Greens & Drink Lots Of Water

You’re probably sick of hearing this but yes, drinking lots of water and eating vegetable really does help you to stay healthy. French women state that drinking lots of water is non-negotiable for them - helping to improve their skin and overall well-being.

Exercise As Part Of Your Lifestyle

In France, women will always choose to exercise outdoors rather than sweat it out in a gym or on a treadmill. Exercise, like everything else in life, should be enjoyable, not something that makes you miserable. This one we can adopt.

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