30 Oct 2020

The Style Rules Every French Girl Lives By

The Style Rules Every French Girl Lives By <br/> | Goxip

After watching (and re-watching) Emily In Paris, we have to agree that French women just have it going on. From the tousled, slightly unkempt hair, the no-makeup makeup, French women exude an undone elegance that is sexy - but always classy.

Lucky for us mere mortals, however, mastering French girl style is actually easier than you might think. French girls rely on a few key wardrobe staples and style rules, which help them to maintain that perfect balance between style and well, just looking naturally cool. To insert some of that coveted je ne sais quoi into your wardrobe, read ahead for the 4 style rules French girls live by.

(1)Head to Toe Styling

Every part of a French girl’s outfit is always thought about. From the hat to the shoes and every accessory in-between. This style rule may seem like extra work, but since French style is all about high-quality basics and classic items, the styling possibilities are often endless and easy to master. Try incorporating a neutral rollneck sweater into your autumn wardrobe for easy layering under blazers, sweaters, and jumpsuits (basically anything) in your existing wardrobe.

(2Understated Sexy

Unlike the Kardashians of the world, the French version of ‘sexy’ is much more discreet. French women are not ones to show off and instead like to stick to chic yet simple pieces that can easily be elevated with a statement accessory or item.

Think jeans and a white shirt that is dressed up with red lipstick or an A-line leather skirt paired with a sweater and an animal-print bag.

(3)Perfume Anytime

Just like their wardrobes, iconic French-girl beauty is all about taking a less is more approach. Luminous skin, crimson lips, perfectly imperfect smoky eyes, and of course, none of this would be complete without a spritz of your favourite fragrance.

(4)Feminine Pieces

French girls have a knack for striking the perfect balance between masculine and feminine pieces within their everyday styling. Try pairing a moody floral midlength dress with sneakers or knee-high boots and add an oversized blazer over the top for a look that is simple, elegant, and effortlessly polished.

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