13 Oct 2020
Danny Chan

6 Looks from "Emily In Paris"

A style guide to French Chic

6 Looks from "Emily In Paris" | Goxip

With nods to Sex and the City, the fashion in Emily in Paris, a new 10-episode show on Netflix, is full of plenty of covetable style moments. Which isn’t all too surprising given that the show’s costume director is the very same Patricia Filed who was responsible for some Ms. Bradshaw’s most famous looks.

From deconstructed haute couture dresses to the seer blouse and heels that Emily (played by Lily Collins) wears to her first day of work, each look comes from a noteworthy list of designers. Despite coming under fire from actual French women for the unrelatable french dress sense, the show has received just as much acclaim for its whimsical take on everyday dressing. What's even better is that the looks aren’t just all Parisian vintage, you can actually get your hands on the some of the styles worn by Emily. Shop below some of our favourite looks from the show and where you can snap up each piece.

(1)Colourful Prints

6 Looks from "Emily In Paris" | Goxip

Colourful, clashing prints isn’t usually something you see on the streets of Paris, but Emily somehow makes her looks work with the environment. Perfect for copying as we come into Autumn/Winter, a colourful sweater, skirt or accessories will instantly brighten up a dull day.


6 Looks from "Emily In Paris" | Goxip

We couldn’t compile this list without including Emily’s beret. Cliche? Yes. You’ll rarely see actual Parians wearing a beret, but we’ve got to admit it does lend Emily extra style points, especially her checkerboard design which adds personality to the rest of her outfit.

(3)Green Jacket

6 Looks from "Emily In Paris" | Goxip

We love a bright colourful jacket for fall and Emily’s Chanel one ticks all of the style boxes. Cropped, boxy and surprisingly easy to pair, it’s no wonder Emily is often seen wearing it throughout the program. Shop our list of similar alternatives.

(4)Chanel Handbags

6 Looks from "Emily In Paris" | Goxip

Bringing back memories of LC in The Hills (remember that Paris episode?) Emily is often spotted with the Chanel 19. Bringing a luxe spin to her everyday outfits, we love that she opts for more colourful styles in velvet for a look that is very 2020.

(5)Bucket Hat

6 Looks from "Emily In Paris" | Goxip

It’s no surprise that Emily is a fan of the bucket hat - it was the accessory of 2020 after all. Proving that you don’t have to be on the beach (or on a skateboard) to don one, by choosing styles in tweed, cotton and fun prints, she makes it both city and work-appropriate.

(6)Checked Pattern

6 Looks from "Emily In Paris" | Goxip

Plaid prints are synonymous with French style, so it’s no surprise that Emily has adopted these into her wardrobe. One to play with design, she often mixes these with other colourful pieces and textures for a look that is never boring. We think French girls would approve of this one.