6 Feb 2020

Best Makeup Tips!Dolly Eye makeup and best mascara that you ever ask for!

Best Makeup Tips!Dolly Eye makeup and best mascara that you ever ask for! | Goxip

Every girl wants to make their eyes look bigger, however for Asian girls, it is a bit difficult, since we don’t have a very defined facial feature. Therefore, I guess many girls have tried to use fake eyelashes before to create a dolly big eye. However, the fake eyelashes are not convenient and too heavy, also it might ruin your own eyelashes.

So, today, we will teach you some simple makeup techniques and we have picked some stunning mascara for you.

The very first step, you need an eyelash curler to make your eyelash curl. Get as much of the lashes as you can between the clamps, getting down to the base of each eyelash. If you have short eyelashes, you can try to get an electronic one, which is easy to grab one in one of your nearby drug stores.

To achieve a thick, long, dramatic lash look you just need a right volumizing mascara. It will ensure your lashes look bigger, stunning yet subtle. Here are some tips to apply mascara, by wiggling the bristles into the base of your lashes and lightly stamping the mascara against your waterline. It will ensure you have long, thick and extended eyelashes.

Last but not least, in order to achieve a defined and natural-looking eye makeup look, you need a skinny brush mascara. Just simply comb your eyelashes with the skinny brush to remove the extra mascara cramp and make it look more decent. Also you can use it for the lower eyelashes, it is easier to handle than the thick brush.

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