18 Sep 2020

Why go for purses when you can go for designer branded wallets

Why go for purses when you can go for designer branded wallets | Goxip

Ladies and purses go hand in hand, it’s a necessity. They’re inseparable. Whenever coming across reviews on purses by internet celebrities, it’s always tempting to get one for yourself but the price tag seems to always pull you back to reality.

Working a 9 to 5 job doesn’t seem to always fulfil the desire of having one of those purses. If that’s the case, start off small. Designer brand wallets are full of surprises and are as practical as purses, only it carries your cash and credit cards. Here are some of the choices that are affordable and stylish.

Bottega Veneta wallet

Famed as “Italy’s Hermes”, Bottega Veneta is popular for its detailed craftsmanship and the iconic criss-cross pattern with leather strips are very popular amongst ladies. Reason for its price tag is from its difficulty in making. If the purses are too expensive, a great alternative are their wallets.

Saint Laurent monogramme quilted textured-leather pouch

If Chanel dominates the elegance, then Saint Laurent dominates the coolness. The iconic gold YSL logo is loved by many ladies. This black monogramme quilted pouch just looks exquisite and matches perfectly with the logo. Cool and edgy. You can get this pouch for no more than $3000 HKD!

Valentino Garavani Vlogo Leather Wallet

Made with high quality leather, Valentino Garavani’s V logo wallet is a popular choice among young ladies. Two colors to choose from, Cool black for the cooler and classic style, or playful pink to fit your personal style. Iconic V logo to fit perfectly with the casing and many zippers to keep your valuables safe and sound.

Chanel Under $4000 choices

Chanel has been an all time favourite, undeniably. But it does come with a price, a very expensive price. However! We have gathered a bunch of affordable Chanel wallets that are below $4000 HKD. Check them out and hopefully, you can take one home with you and show it off the next time you go out with your friends!

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