2 Jul 2020

5 Of The Best Eyebrow Products For Any Brow Shape

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5 Of The Best Eyebrow Products For Any Brow Shape<br/> | Goxip

They say the eyes are a window to the soul, but what about your eyebrows? Well, it turns out they can tell a lot about a person too. It’s been said that our eyebrows can offer a glimpse into our personality, eluding to all sorts of traits such as resilience, strength and humour - just to name a few.

Which is why it turns out that your eyebrow shape is more important than what we might have all originally thought. Which means adies, it’s time to give the tweezers a break and let your natural brown shape shine through. If like us though, you’re in need in a little bit of help, luckily there are a few select products that can instantly up your brow game. Whether it’s the Kylie Jenner ‘Instagram Brow’ you’re after or the feathery Brook Sheild’s-esque Dad-brow, the products listed below will help you achieve a clean, slightly exaggerated but still natural-looking version of what you already have. Let’s dive in.

(1)Benefit Brow Zings Pro

This Brow Zings Pro palette from Benefit has everything you need to sculpt, fill, and highlight arches with professional-level precision. Not only does the palette come with four long-lasting different shades for ultimate versatility, but it also includes three waxes and 2 mini brushes to complete the package. For the price and what you get included, it’s a no brainer.

(2)MAC Great Brows All-in-One Brow Kit

MAC is known for its cult favourite products and this All-in-One Brow Kit ticks all of the boxes. Offering 2 flattering tones of brown and a highlight shade, it allows you to customize the look of your brows with minimal product (and even less effort). The matte-finish looks incredibly natural and is also easy to build and layer for desired intensity.

(3)SHU UEMURA eyebrow pencil

You can use all kinds of products to fill your brows with colour, but few offer the hair-like precision of a pencil, no matter what kind of arches you have. This one from Shu Uemura offers a precision finish and can quickly and efficiently shape, fill, and define brows. Whether you're looking for a natural look or one that's more bold and eye-catching, this retractable brow pencil can make it happen.

(4)Urban Decay Double Down Brow Powder (Brown Sugar)

Sleek and compact, this all-in-one brow kit from Urban Decay is great for an on-the-go (or simply in a hurry) brow. This palette features two versatile shades for different colour options (light brown and dark brown) for a truly customisable look. Complete with a built-in mirror and a double-ended spoolie and brush, it’s great for the girl-on-the-go - keep it in your handbag at all times.

(5)Kiss Me eyebrow kit

With 3 different ombre browns (blonde, mid-brown and a dark brown) plus, a highlight shade, this budget-friendly pick from Kiss Me boasts superiority in both pigment and versatility. It’s everything you need for great, groomed brows that last all day long.

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