10 Aug 2020

The Best Trouser Styles For Curvy Figures

The Best Trouser Styles For Curvy Figures  | Goxip

If, like us, quarantine has wreaked havoc on your exercise regime and all that extra time baking has left your jeans a little too tight for comfort - well, let’s just say you’re not alone. Quarantining in our homes with food all around us, combined with feeling stress, worry and uncertainty can be a recipe for emotional eating and weight gain, which is totally normal, considering the circumstances. But if you’re suddenly finding that none of your trousers are fitting as they should, we’ve got some top tips on the styles that will work to make you look trimmer, feel more comfortable and all the while looking, totally on trend and chic too.

Below are our top tips of finding the best trouser and jeans styles for anyone on a mission to find the perfect-fit pants.

Mom Jeans

When it comes to jeans, high-waisted mom styles are some of the most universally flattering. Sitting high on the waist, mom jeans offer a structured fit around your midsection and are synonymous with laid-back cool.

(2)Wid-leg Suit Trousers

Comfortable, light and casual, a wide-leg suit trouser will work perfectly for everything from daytime meetings to evening dinners. Better yet, they are not only supremely flattering on almost any body type but they can be paired with just about anything. Try them with flat sandals for daytime and a chunky heel and vest for the evening.

(3)High-waisted A-line Shorts

Tailored shorts are a major 2020 trend, offering a look and feel that is just as laidback as denim, but are sophisticated enough to wear in the city as well as at the beach. They also happen to be perfect for curvier figures too, with the longer length and looser cut hitting all of the right places and offering just the right amount of structure. Versatile enough to wear for every occasion, try them with a relaxed white T-shirt, adding a pair of mules and a coordinating blazer for a sophisticated touch.