31 Jan 2020

Every Girl Must-have! Best Minimalist and Classy Watches for work!

Chic yet easy-on-wallet

Every Girl Must-have! Best Minimalist and Classy Watches for work! | Goxip

We all know that mens are obsessed with watches, but it is also very important to a woman, especially career women. As a modern lady, timepieces are not just an accessory for you to check the time, it is also a statement of yourself. When we think of timepieces, the first brand pops up in your mind, must be Carier, Rolex, etc. However, those luxurious watches are super expensive and not affordable for normal working class. If you are looking for timepieces that are just as noteworthy and stylish, yet easy-on-wallet. We have picked 3 stylish and trendy timepieces brands for you to shop now.

If you are a lover of vintage and british style, Olivia Burton watches surely will steal your heart. The watches are simplistic, but if you pay more attention, you will see that there are a lot of details. They added countryside elements like flowers, inserts into the watch and turned them into a stunning timepiece. They are super elegant and romantic.

I guess everyone has heard of Daniel Wellington, they are from the country of fine watches- Swiss. Their design is super clean and subtle, yet has a lavish touch and they are super affordable. They go perfectly with a kind of outfit and definitely can evaluate your look. Also, their design is unisex, you are match one with your loved one.

If you don’t like too dreamy and fancy watches, MVMT may be your best choice. They are from America, the design is modern, chic and minimalist. It goes perfectly with a suit and working outfit. Besides the basic series, they understand the needs of women, they have marble watches that every girl can’t resist.