25 Jan 2020

The Absolutely Stunning Eyeshadow Palettes Every Beauty Lover Needs in 2020!

The Absolutely Stunning Eyeshadow Palettes Every Beauty Lover Needs in 2020! | Goxip

Here comes the new year, I guess every girl is getting excited for a new year. Besides, buying new clothes and new handbags, you definitely can’t skip the new makeup trend. For all you beauty gurus out there, eye palettes are definitely one of the beauty product that you can’t resist! The stunning packaging and beautiful color surely will steal many girl’s hearts.

However, sometimes it is seriously exhausting to pick the up-to-trend and suitable eye palettes for yourself, especially when so many beauty bloggers demonstrating and review those bold and bright eye shadows. But honestly, are those dazzling eye shadows look good on you? We're here to help narrow down the best and most useful eyeshadow palettes for you. You don’t want to miss out on this!

The earthy brownish color eyeshadow palette is a must-have item for every woman on the planet. No matter you are new to makeup or a professional makeup artist, earthy brownish color eyeshadow can never go wrong and it is super timeless. With this year in a huge smash on glitter trend, you can slightly add on some shinny eyeshadow to elevate your look.

In 2019, we all know that the peach coral color is the color of the year from Pantone. This color has carried to this year and it looks super good on your eye. It makes you look younger and more energic. It surely suits your spring and summer outfit. Adding some gold glitter can make you look more fabulous.

If you are looking for something new, the berry red color eye makeup is something that you must try out this year. Many beauty bloggers and celebrities, especially the Korean KOLs are in love with this romantic look. It is sweet, girly and super feminine. However, please be gentle when you applying the red color, and add some purple color to create some layers that will make your eye pops.