5 May 2020

It turns out you can wear Chanel, Dior and Prada for free? The Animal Crossing fashion that is fulfilling our style fantasies

Your own fashion runway!

It turns out you can wear Chanel, Dior and Prada for free? The Animal Crossing fashion that is fulfilling our style fantasies  | Goxip

For some of you reading this, it might just be time for a fashion intervention. If you’re anything like us, you might have recently become addicted to the newest game fromNintendo. Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Yeah, it may look childish, but the addiction is real, with everyone from our friends, mums, dads and 7-year-old nieces getting in on the action.

Not only is Animal Crossing a fantasists dream, with the ability to interior design homes, learn new hobbies and try out different haircuts. it also just so happens to be a fashion lover’s paradise. Putting your old Sims wardrobe to shame, everything from Gucci to Dior and even vintage Celine is available for virtual wearing. During a time where the fashion industry has mostly come to a standstill, we couldn’t be happier with the new quarantine-friendly fashion fix. So if you’ve looking to up your virtual style, check out our 3 favourite Animal Crossing fashion pieces to add to your digital wardrobe now.

Chanel’s Black Bow and Lace Dress

If you shut your eyes for a second, this look is basically like being transported back to Chanel’s 2016 A/W show. From the back bow, to the white lace and tiered construction, it’s an uncanny match. But first, you might be thinking, how do you even begin to create or download these outfits yourself? Just as the game allows players to customise their hair, interiors and even facial features, the same applies to clothes, with each player being able to access and use the game’s pixel artwork feature to create custom clothing designs. If you have the time and patience, any real-world design is yours for the cloning, or to save on time, simply just use the available clothing QR codes, which allow you to download your favourite fashions in an instant.

Prada’s Resort 2020 Pastel Skirt Set

Prada Resort’s 2020 collection was filled with floaty, flower-patterned pieces that are perfect for summer. Think lots of pastel hues and feminine embroideries that are elegant, but youthful at the same time. Luckily, it’s even easier to get your hands on one of these Prada dresses than in the real-life, simply go to the in-game "clothing shop" and search for "MO-L3X8-FWPL-9W7H" to download.

Christian Dior’s Striped Dress

With the weather getting hotter and the days getting longer, it only makes sense that most of us are craving more colourful pieces, and this Christian Dior Haute Couture dress ticks all the boxes. A style from the 2015 archives, it’s the perfect summer piece for those who find Prada’s collection just a bit too girly. Just as chic as when it was first released, we love its block stripes, 60s-style shift cut and organ pleats that create texture and movement.

Moschino’s Swimsuit Dress

Jeremy Scott always stays true to the playful spirit of fashion with tongue-in-cheek slogans and bold colour combinations and this one-piece dress is no exception. Just like many of the tongue-in-cheek references that run throughout Moschino’s collections, this dress is made to look like a one-piece retro swimsuit - halterneck ties and all. Wear it to be the instant-envy of all your gaming friends.

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