24 Sep 2019
Nicole Leung

Your Ultimate Fragrance Guide!
Pick a Scent that Best Fits your Personality!

Let luxurious perfumes like Dior, YSL, Jo Malone & Marc Jacobs say something about your personality.

Your Ultimate Fragrance Guide!<br/>Pick a Scent that Best Fits your Personality! | Goxip

Nothing brings them more pleasure than being told they smell good to some people. Perfumes are popular today because of numerous benefits, e.g. making a positive first impression and boosting confidence. So it is necessary to choose a fragrance wisely. Factors such as if the person is shy or outgoing can greatly impact what scents they like, so it’s important to choose appropriate fragrances that can best fit your personality. Hipsters may want something fresh and clean, young & feminine girls may want something sweet. We understand you may wish to have everything on your make-up table, but that’s not quite possible to achieve before emptying your wallets. Shop our edit of 10 affordable perfumes for different personalities below. You may find something you want.

If you are interested in getting one for your lover, you can also find a roundup of Men’s Colognes under HKD$500 below.

PHOTO CREDIT:;the sunday girl