10 Jul 2020

Topshop To Close Last Hong Kong Store, But You Can Still Snap Up These Summer Sale Items

Topshop To Close Last Hong Kong Store, But You Can Still Snap Up These Summer Sale Items<br/> | Goxip

In what feels like the end of an era, this week Topshop officially announced that it is leaving the shores of Hong Kong. The global pandemic has hit retail stores hard, and Topshop is just one in the latest line of retailers, such as Zara, H&M and Gap who have all announced the closure of spaces amid a coronavirus sales slump.

Topshop has long been a gem on the high street, who could forget its sell-out collections with Kate Moss and then that iconic Ivy Park collab with Beyonce. It was the fail-safe place most of us turned too as teenagers in a wardrobe crisis and it could always be relied upon for affordable but chic clothing. Even our favourite celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Dua Lipa and even Princess Kate counted themselves as fans of the fast-fashion retailer.

Topshop To Close Last Hong Kong Store, But You Can Still Snap Up These Summer Sale Items<br/> | Goxip

‘Toppers’ as an affection Brit would call it, first came to Hong Kong back in 2013 and during its heyday, had branches in 3 primetime locations which included: Central, Admiralty and Causeway Bay. It also had a two-storey, 14,000-square-foot shop on the Queen’s Road as its flagship store - showing just how large the brand’s dominance was in Asia. But as we come to the end of the road, (pandemic aside) below we break down 2 reasons why fast fashion brands may be losing money in 2020.

(1)Small Profits, Quick Turnaround

Big brands have long been accused of plagiarising designs from smaller designers, with the most prolific offenders being fast-fashion companies whose entire business model revolves around copying trends and bringing them to market quickly. Firstly, it’s a cycle that isn’t sustainable for companies and their designers and for the consumer it’s feared we’ve gotten too used to always looking for the next new and best thing, having unrealistically high expectations for quick season turnovers.

(2)The Social Media Effect

We’re all guilty of going down an Instagram rabbit hole once in a while, but who would have thought that our social media habits are even impacting our wardrobes. According to research, it’s been proven that millennials and Gen Xer’s feel pressure to wear a different outfit every time they go out with the fear that they’ll be snapped in the same outfit twice. The rise of sites like Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing have all fed into this, selling dresses and outfits so cheap that the consumer can justify wearing them only once and tossing. This is a habit that has to change.

But before we get too evangelical about fast fashion, there is still some time left to snap up your favourite pieces from Topshop on Goxip - all in the name of nostalgia of course. Ahead, shop our favourite items on sale now.


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