5 Nov 2020

How To DIY This Season’s Tonal Nails Trend

How To DIY This Season’s Tonal Nails Trend  | Goxip

Nude nails will always be a classic, but have you thought about tonal nails? It’s a look that has been sweeping Instagram and we have to say, we’re firmly on board. Tonal nails for the uninitiated is a way of painting your nails using several shades of one colour on each nail, rather than just one colour for every nail, however, each is a neutral colour. Basically, they’re rainbow nails for the minimalist at heart. Easy to DIY at home too, below we break down how you can jump on this newest nail trend at home.

Cool Tones

Cool-toned neutrals like grey, grey-blue and inky shades of navy and forest-green will easily give your nails a stylish refresh. The best thing about these cool-toned grey tones is that they look great on all skin tones too.

Warm Neutrals

Proving that sandy nude tones are anything but boring, these neutral colour combinations mix warm buttery neutrals and yellows that are spiced up with wine-reds and oranges and green for a look that is perfect for fall.

Candy Colours

From buttercup yellows to carnation pinks, diluted rainbow shades are delicate and darn sweet. For a muted rainbow, choose a different pastel shade for each nail and add an iridescent topper if you’re feeling something a little more sparkly as we come into the festive months.

If the thought of each nail being a different colour seems too much work, you can also decide to just stick to two for a cool monotone look.

Gradient Colours

Gradient nails are similar to ombre nails, but instead of being different shades of the same colour, they are different colours. Simply pick three or four colours from the same family and add white to your pinky nail to lighten the shade on top – or blend your own custom hue on a piece of paper.

As we come into the festive season, you can always amp up your tonal nails by choosing to add a little iridescent sparkle with a glittery topcoat or adding a metallic hue into the mix.

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