4 Sep 2019
Wendy Lee

Elixir of youth with super affordable price!
The 3 very best skincare brands that your can ask for!!

Worthful yet high quality!

Elixir of youth with super affordable price!<br/>The 3 very best skincare brands that your can ask for!! | Goxip

It’s no secret that in elixir of beauty and youth, it is all about hard work. There are many different skincare brands in the market, and some of them are very costly. Recently, as the rise of social media, many small brands has pop up into the market. They are valued in money with incredible outcomes, worthful yet high-quality. You can ever get a serum at below SG$18!!! Some of those brands even have vast fan base and massive good comments.

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We have selected 3 very best skincare brands for you. Read on and start the beauty of elixir with affordable price.

Every beauty junkies know this brand and it has stolen the heart of many people. They are fame of their valuable price and incredible effect, also their succinct designs.

For Asian girls, you might not be familiar with this brand, but actually it is super popular in the US and UK. The brand has only launched one year and received a huge success, it has been named as “ British The Ordinary”. Their brand philosophy is to focus on the hero-ingredient and cruelty-free. It has been approved by many beauty bloggers and magazines.

Nion is the secret sister brand of The Ordinary, NIOD (Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science) is a lesser-known luxury line. NIOD was made of the best quality and highest-possible grade of ingredients. NIOD is different from other brand, it focus on luxurious and complicated ingredients, but yet with a reasonable price. Many beauty editors are obsessed with this subtle brand.