29 Oct 2019
Nicole Leung

Styling Magic! 4 Ways to Dress Slimmer Instantly!
Let’s Fake a Perfectly Hot Body Figure!

Styling Magic! 4 Ways to Dress Slimmer Instantly!<br/>Let’s Fake a Perfectly Hot Body Figure! | Goxip

The genie in the bottle won’t suddenly appear to make you look slimmer for the big date tomorrow, but styling tricks do. We understand we all have busy schedules, and gyms often put off for another time. While we cannot deny the temptation of the big feasts and alcohol, you can actually make a few simple adjustments to our wardrobes so as to look skinny. If you are wondering how to look 10 pounds thinner right away, see the tips and tricks below.

Wearing black is probably the most common wardrobe advice out there. It really works because it does not reflect light. The versatile design can hide imperfections while make you look chic, and is easy for anyone to pull off.

Accessories can actually help to call attention to your best parts, like necklace can compliment the collarbone it rests on, and belt can help you to fake a small waist. And the tiny pieces are so affordable, aren’t they?

The horizontal stripes make you look big. But lucky for stripe lovers, the vertical stripes can do the opposite. They can create an illusion, elongating your appearance and drawing attention away from the problem areas at the same time.

V-Neck can create the illusion of slimmer necklines and hide your double chin. It can also draw attention to your collarbone and shoulders.

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