14 Oct 2019
Nicole Leung

Step Boldly into the Streetwear Trend!
4 no-fail Streetwear Brands to Try

Want to dabble in streetwear? Try these!

Step Boldly into the Streetwear Trend! <br/>4 no-fail Streetwear Brands to Try | Goxip

Living alongside with luxury, streetwear is sliding into the spotlight. It drives the popularity of casual items like sneakers, sweatshirts, hoodies and tees with graphic logos that seem made for the Instagram age. You can now choose comfort and convenience without compromising on style. Want to join the gang but don’t know where to start? We have rounded up our 4 favourite streetwear brands that can up your street style game effortlessly.

As one of the streetwear OGs, Supreme elevated street style in luxury fashion. Its collaboration with luxury fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Rolex earn its status as one of the most iconic streetwear brands of all time. By releasing new items in highly limited weekly drops, the cult label throws away the traditional supply and demand model, making it even easier for you to update your wardrobe with a fresh take on the classic red and white logo. The highly recognized designs of the American skateboard and clothing label can instantly upgrade your look.

Often conceived as an accessible point to the mainline collection (Fear of God), ESSENTIALS is established upon comparably lower price points and more approachable silhouettes. They deliver wardrobe staples in versatile shades and chances are you will wear them day after day. Want to look simple yet stylish? You know which brand is your go-to.

Founded by Giuliano Calza in 2015, GCDS is a streetwear brand that goes famous worldwide, thanks to the celebrities and influencers. The label has a name standing for ‘God Can’t Destroy Streetwear’, and deliver italian-made pieces including but not limited to bomber jackets, sweatshirts and T-shirts. Their strong care for detail and high textile quality gifts the garments with a modern look and comfort at the same time. Stay comfortable, yet perfectly pulled together.

Established by Kanye West in 2015, YEEZY is known for the kind of athleisure in its own view, which is heavily influenced by minimalist activewear pieces. Their pieces are so wearable and simple that you can easily incorporate streetwear into your daily wardrobe. Maybe this also explains why YEEZY is that popular.

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