31 Oct 2020

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

A Hermès fan or not, it would be impossible to dismiss the cultural significance of the brand. From its iconic Birkin and Kelly designs, the brand makes some of the most sought-after bags in the world. Which is why it may come as no surprise when people after say that a Hermès bag is a better investment than gold.

And in fact, there is some truth to the statement. The second-hand market for Hermès bags is thriving and vintage styles are easily sold for just as much, if not more than their original asking price, making them one of the smartest purchases a fashion lover could make. If you’ve been looking to dip your toe into the Hermès resale market but have no idea where to start, below we list the top Hermes styles to invest in and our tips for second-hand shopping.

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

Find A Second-Hand Store

If you’re looking to buy a second-hand or vintage Hermès, we highly recommend skipping the eBay search and instead look on a reputable site like Vestiaire Collective, Farfetch or the RealReal which will authenticate the purchase for you. The prices might be slightly higher than a steal you’ll see come up on a Google search, but the safety and knowledge of knowing what you’re actually buying will be well worth it.

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

Check The Stitches Of The Bag Carefully

The stitches of Hermès handbags are all hand-sewn and never machine-sewn. For example, when looking at the bag flap, machine stitches would be uniform and neat, however, on a real Hermès bag, you would see some slight irregularities. Small details like these are worth noting when authenticating a second-hand or vintage purchase.

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

Check the position of the clasp

Hermès handbags are known for their high-quality materials and durability. Even after many years of use, the clasp on a handbag should still work smoothly, so don't miss this detail when checking.

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

Don’t Forget About The Extras

This will probably come as no surprise but the newer the bag, the higher the asking price! Don't forget to ask the seller for the usual extras that come with any Hermès bag purchase: such as dust bag, the orange box and purchase receipt.

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

Check The Date Stamp

Every Hermès handbag is printed with a date stamp. Make sure to note that any handbags produced before 2016 this will be printed on the bottom of the belt, and those produced after 2016 are printed inside the bag.

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

Think About The Colour

Colour can have a huge effect on a Hermès bag resale price. Generally speaking, conservative and easy-to-wear colours such as black, neutrals and the brand’s signature orange are the most popular colours and will be able to command a much higher price. Pink tones are also known to be very popular and can go for just as much. On top of that, it’s also worth noting that special edition styles can also go for way more than the average asking price.

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

The Smaller The Size, The Higher The Price

Due to the craze for miniature bags, there are currently not many miniature handbags from Hermès on the second-hand market, making them a super rare - and expensive find. Styles such as the Birkin 25, Kelly 25, Kelly 28 and Constance 19 all command a much higher price tag than other luxury miniature bag styles.

The Top Hermes Bags To Invest In

Scroll down below to check out the top Hermès bags to invest in.

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

The People’s Choice - Herbag

Instantly recognisable as an Hermès bag, with its flared-out base and top closure akin to that of a Kelly, the Herbag is an under-the-radar Hermes design - more affordable than the brand's more famous designs and often called the 'Kelly's little sister.' After the original Herbag was discontinued in the mid 2000s, the bag was reintroduced as the Herbag Zip in 2009.

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

The Most Practical - Lindy

The Lindy is one of Hermes most unique bags, with a casual flair that makes it the most practical of the bunch. In recent years, the bag has developed a following of its own and remains one of the house’s most popular styles.

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

The One With The Most Style - Constance

The most popular design after the Birkin and Kelly, the Constance is a more contemporary, easy-to-wear style. Worn crossbody or as a shoulder bag, it’s a more practical option than its top-handle tote counterparts.

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

The Most Popular - Kelly

Made famous by Grace Kelly, who regularly wore the bag throughout her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco, Hermes officially renamed the Kelly bag in the late 50s. Unlike a Birkin, the Kelly has a singular top handle and as of the 1980s was designed with an added shoulder strap as standard.

Our Guide To The Hermès Resale Market  | Goxip

The Classic - Birkin

Designed for the actress Jane Birkin after she mentioned she found the Kelly too small and rigid for everyday life, the Birkin has arguably become the most famous bag in the world. It’s iconic design is instantly recognisable - each bag takes between 15 and 20 hours for one artisan to make.

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