19 Nov 2019
Wendy Lee

Put away your BALLERINA FLATS!
Try those cool shoes to upgrade your office outfit!

Mules and Loafers to get now!

Put away your BALLERINA FLATS! <br/>Try those cool shoes to upgrade your office outfit! | Goxip

Here is the thing, every office lady loves their comfortable ballerina flat, but you have to admit that ballerina can sometimes look a bit corny. But do you want to sacrifice comfort and happiness for the sake of fashion? To be honest, the answer for career women must be no, because wearing a high pump may be stylish but it also bad for your feet. But don’t worry, there are chicer flat shoes that can upgrade your office outfit, even more, effortless and comfortable than your beloved ballet flat!

Goxip gathered all the best-selling classic flats for you to level up your shoe game including chic mules and loafers, swift down to read more and enjoy your transformation!

Mules are so popular nowadays since they're super comfortable to wear and the easy slip-on style makes it convenient. Also, it is ultra-chic and you can match with basically with everything, from a pair of jeans to floral dress, there you have an effortless work.

Loafer used to be British gentlemen shoes, but it has become a women fashion item in recent decent. They go perfectly with a pair of jeans and suits, creates a boyish and stylish mood. They are perfect for all-day wear, you can even run around with them and it is suitable for all season. It is every girl's must-have item. Grab yours now.