24 Apr 2020

Get Motivated For Summer With A Nike Yoga Trainer

"On Diet" is not just a slogan.

Get Motivated For Summer With A Nike Yoga Trainer  | Goxip

As we near the end of April, the days are gradually getting longer and the temperatures are steadily rising.Summer officially starts to feel like it’s on its way. But with the idea of beach season fast approaching, so is the dreaded thought of getting ourselves beach body ready. With gyms closed due to COVID-19, home workout has quickly become the new normal. And as much as we love workout video tutorials, it can be difficult to motivate yourself when your sofa only sits 5 feet away, which is where Nike’s new yoga collection comes in.

Get Motivated For Summer With A Nike Yoga Trainer  | Goxip

Here to inspire your next at-home workout, Nike’s new selection of yoga workouts not only help to deliver the standard benefits of exercise, but they also help bring structure to your day and reframe your home space as somewhere you don't just rest in. Meaning, if there ever was a time to lean in to the at-home workout, it’s now. To celebrate the launch of its new yoga collection, Nike’s yoga coach Delia Leung is here to guide us along the path and teach us a few yoga moves that are suitable for beginners and easy enough to try at home. Not just about weight loss, these moves will get you stretching, clear your mind and most importantly, motivate you to get moving out of hibernation mode.

(1) Crow Pose (3'53~4'48)

Get Motivated For Summer With A Nike Yoga Trainer  | Goxip

Difficulties: ★★☆☆☆

Firming and defining arms and thighs

(1)Start by putting your feet on each side of the yoga mat. (2)Outstretch your hands and press your whole body down, and squat there for a few seconds. (3)With your fingers stretched out grasping the ground, lean forward and attempt to lift your feet off the ground for a few seconds (4)Finally, slowly lift your weight forwards, hold before finishing back in a squat position.

(2) Dancer Pose (5'38~6'17)

Get Motivated For Summer With A Nike Yoga Trainer  | Goxip

Difficulties: ★★☆☆☆

Full body redefining, core training

(1)Get ready by standing behind your yoga mat and take a step with your left foot (2)Next, lift your right foot, whilst simultaneously using your right hand to grasp the outside of your ankle. Inhale, and gradually extend your left arm for balance. (3)Lift the back of your foot and pull it back, and point your left finger forward forming a ballet dancer's movement. Try to maintain the pose for 10 seconds (4)Gradually lower your hands and feet, and finish by placing your feet side by side.

(3) Sun Salutation (0'36~1'17)

Get Motivated For Summer With A Nike Yoga Trainer  | Goxip

Difficulties :★★★★☆

All around stretch

(1)Start by standing in front of the yoga mat with your feet hip-wide apart and hands pressed together. (2)With your hands wide open, bend down and fold forward from the hips. Bend your knees if necessary. Rest your hands beside your feet and bring your nose to your knees. (3)Inhale and step up with your left foot, and follow with your other foot to form a plank motion (4)Press your body down to the mat, with your chest as close as possible to the ground, and bum arched towards the ceiling. (5)Next, bend your body into an anti-V pose, and stand slowly to finish.

Introducing #EverybodyisaYOGABody, Nike is celebrating the launch of its new Infinalon yoga range. Specially designed to deliver infinite comfort on the yoga mat, its new Infinalon fabric is lighter, thinner and stronger than traditional yarns. Made for all genders and sizes, the collection ranges from leggings, pants, shorts, and bodysuits - which are all available now. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just looking for some at-home workout motivation, Nike’s Infinalon yoga collection is definitely the upgrade you deserve for a healthy start to summer 2020.

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