29 Sep 2020


跑者最愛運動服!3大IG曝光率最高items話你知 | Goxip

It’s been over half a year since the pandemic started. Desperate measures were taken from all over the world. From working from home, social distancing, to restaurants and entertaining events being temporarily suspended. It’s time to get fit!

Eating less and exercising was always the go-to method when trying to lose weight. Losing weight is like you're forever in a loop of eating and losing weight. I’ve tried many products, like waist slimming bands, Nintendo Ring Fit, and many more, but none seem to work as effectively as running.

As a girl myself who loves to dress up and look good, many times I wish I could look good while exercising as well. So, for your sake and mine, I’ve found some pretty stylish sports gear on Instagram that is perfect for running.

(1) Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next

The first important thing in running effectively is your shoes. Get the right pair of shoes and make sure that your feet feel supported. As practice makes perfect, you’ll eventually be able to run farther. If your shoes are supportive, then even running 20km wouldn’t be a problem!

The Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% is recognized and owned by many instagrammers. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish and it allows air to pass through. It’s durable and it has extra padding to support your weight and protect your feet.

(2)Nike React Infinity Run FK

The Nike React Infinity Run FK has always been popular. The color scheme is perfect for any outfit even when you’re not running.

It’s design is aimed to help runners reduce the chances of injury, making sure you get the support you need. It has additional foam and padding to make sure your feet are well supported.

(3)Nike Sport Bra Look

Only recently has Sports Bra been normalized due to the influence of social media. Many instagram bloggers and models are wearing Sports Bra as a tank top as a fashion statement. Pairing it with a blazer just makes it look very European.

In terms of functionality, protecting the chestal area is very important when running. Intense sports like running will require more support from the sports bra and Nike’s sports bra are perfect for the job. It’ll protect and support our breasts and give us the confidence we need to perform at our best.

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