1 Oct 2019
Nicole Leung

Modern Casual Bridal Dresses are Leading The Way!
Heavenly White Dresses for Young Brides

Celebrating the ritual but doing it in a way that feels real

Modern Casual Bridal Dresses are Leading The Way!<br/>Heavenly White Dresses for Young Brides | Goxip

Forget about the traditional bridal dresses, low-key and casual dresses are leading the way now. In fact, some of the brides want to get married without the ‘drama’. Some of them want to get to do themselves in the wedding (perhaps only a bit more elevated). Some of them just want to get out there and enjoy the day. That’s why the trend for the casual wedding dresses comes in. And of course, they are much more affordable, and are also easier to carry to the honeymoon trips. What’s more, they are more like a lifetime investment instead of a one-time wear, as they work in more situations and are universally flattering. Shop our edit of heavenly white dresses below.

A ‘four-metre train’ might be too heavy and difficult to walk. Some mini/midi dresses can offer the same sense of elegance as a full-length gown. You can move and sit properly and freely. If you are into tailoring pants, feel free to stay in your comfort zone. You can stay cool and special on your wedding day.

Though casual bridal dresses tap effortless simplicity, embellishment like lace, embroideries or studs can add a touch of vintage feel and elegance into your look.

A simple silhouette is perfect for a casual chic wedding, but adding some trendy designs would be good, say spaghetti strap, open-back, one-shoulder, balloon sleeve or split hem. So that you can stay modern and contemporary on your special day.

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