29 Apr 2020

Authentic handmade Italian purses by MIRTA!

100% Made in Italy

Authentic handmade Italian purses by MIRTA!  | Goxip

Handbags are key to showcase your fashion sense and style. If the mantra “You Are What You Wear” is somewhat true, the handbag is one of the crucial elements to share a bit about yourself to the world. That’s why it gets so frustrating when you see other people wearing the exact same bag you just bought. Your handbag is suddenly not as uniquely yours as it used to be and you might even lose interest in wearing it. So, what’s next?

Well, for starters, you can try to buy a new handbag that’s not too mainstream without giving up on style, design and quality. If that’s what you’re looking for, MIRTA is the new handbag designer brand you should check out. Wanna know more? Keep reading.

Spoiler alert: there’s a killer promo available for our readers. Use “GOXIP20” code at checkout to enjoy 20% off on any MIRTA bag (promo is valid until May 31st). Did this catch your attention? Here’s everything you need to know before buying one of these amazing bags.

MIRTA’s leather handbags are all 100% made in Italy and exquisitely manufactured by niche leather brands. MIRTA was founded by two young Italian entrepreneurs, Ciro di Lanno and Martina Capriotti. The two believed in bringing italian artisanal craftsmanship into the world stage, through e-commerce. Hence they created MIRTA, a platform where you can shop products from the best italian fashion artisans out there. Authenticity, niche design and high quality are key elements of MIRTA’s assortment.Through MIRTA’s large platform of hand-picked designers, shoppers can browse through the best of Italian craftsmanship in one easy place. The Crème de la crème of Italian design, shop our favourite MIRTA picks below.

Authentic handmade Italian purses by MIRTA!  | Goxip

Sara Bag

First design is Sara bag. It’s among the most popular handbags on MIRTA, designed and manufactured in Florence by Pelletteria Viviani. This unique bag is high quality and sophisticated.The design was inspired by his beautiful wife.The bag , definitely not mainstream or commonly seen around. Give Sara a try and put your LV and Chanel at rest for a while.

Influencers with Sara Bag

Authentic handmade Italian purses by MIRTA!  | Goxip
Authentic handmade Italian purses by MIRTA!  | Goxip
Authentic handmade Italian purses by MIRTA!  | Goxip

Opera Bag

Authentic handmade Italian purses by MIRTA!  | Goxip

The second one is the Opera bag. This piece is designed in Tuscany by Boldrini Selleria. The name literally means ‘masterpiece’ in Italian and we couldn’t agree more. The windmill-like design is so unique and all customers who purchased it claimed it to be the finest piece of workmanship they own. This bag embodies artisanal tradition, superior quality and design innovation at once. Again, this is a great chance to refresh your outfit with something niche that few others own.Other Boldrini Selleria's masterpieces are the Operetta and the Osella

Posillipo Gaiola Bag

Authentic handmade Italian purses by MIRTA!  | Goxip

With a chic single handle and boxy shape, the Posillipo Gaiola is made by the designer Plinio Visonà in Vicenza. Crafted from soft full-grain leather, it’s finished with a bamboo handle and a detachable shoulder strap for easy styling.

Bonsai Bag

Authentic handmade Italian purses by MIRTA!  | Goxip

The Bonsai Bag is carefully crafted by designer ViaMailBag in Empoli. Woven from raffia, it’s elevated with eye-catching silk tulle along the top handle and has an optional shoulder strap for easy styling. Proving that basket bags don’t just have to be reserved for the beach, it’ll bring a fresh twist on your spring/summer dressing.

Apart from the Bonsai Bag, another ViaMailBag's masterpiece is the YUTA. Made of juta jacquard , the YUTA features an organic design and is topped off by beautiful wood handles and rafia fringes.

In case you missed it, you can buy any MIRTA handbag with a 20% discount, by entering"GOXIP20" code at checkout.The promo is valid until May 31st, so grab it until it lasts!

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