4 Aug 2020

The Best Face Mists For Avoiding Mask Acne

The Best Face Mists For Avoiding Mask Acne | Goxip

As you no doubt already know, wearing masks in public spaces is now commonplace in Hong Kong and pretty much throughout the world. Whilst this is obviously a great way of preventing the spread of coronavirus, wearing a mask does come with a few impracticalities – namely irritation and breakouts.

The Best Face Mists For Avoiding Mask Acne | Goxip

Luckily, there are a few switch-ups that we can do within our beauty routines that can help combat the onset of maskne (mask acne) and prevent any further irritation. The main one of these being - investing in a facial spray.

Face mists have long held a big place in our hearts. A do-it-all product they refresh, tone and seamlessly allow you to fix your makeup, whilst also leaving the skin with a cooling and dewy finish. But before we get into this holy grail product, let’s first look at what maskne is and how you can prevent it.

So what creates maskne?

Mask acne or ‘maskne’, or better known as acne mechanica in the medical world, refers to the irritation and breakouts that appear around your nose and mouth as a result of wearing a face mask. This is caused by the friction of fabric grazing against your skin, as well as the heat and moisture that gets caught under your mask which causes bacteria to build up. And as you can probably guess, once you add makeup into the mix, you’ve got yourself the perfect storm for a breakout.

Not to fear though, as mentioned, investing in a good facial spray can help combat all sorts of mask related skin issues. Here are some of our favourite different types of facial sprays that all work to combat signs of acne, depending on your skin type.

The Best Face Mists For Avoiding Mask Acne | Goxip

(1) The Moisturising Face Spray

Contrary to popular belief, oily skin doesn’t always mean that you should avoid moisturising products, in fact, it’s the opposite! When our skin is over-stripped or dry, it overcompensates by producing more oil. To combat this, introducing a hydrating face mist, which you can keep with you throughout the day will work to regulate sebum production and restore the skin's complex balance. A moisturising mist that contains powerful, natural ingredients like these ones from Jurlique or Sisley will also help impart the skin with multiple skin benefits as well as just pure hydration.

The Soothing Face Spray

Face mists aren’t just for battling with dry complexions, they can also help with all kinds of sensitivities. New mineral water facial sprays are supercharged with key skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and C and charcoal, which help to not only moisturise the skin over makeup but even guard against pollution, dust and grime for a fresher complexion.

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