21 May 2020

4 IU Style For Short Girls

If you are ~160cm girl, you should read it.

4 IU Style For Short Girls  | Goxip

Korea has been setting the agenda in the fashion industry for years, with Seoul being at the epicentre of Asia’s bustling fashion scene. Not only are some of the most buzzed-about new brands coming from the capital, but its K-pop stars have become fashion icons in their own rights.

If there’s one K-pop star whose fashion you should be following it’s IU. One of the biggest stars on the scene, the 27 year-old musician is fast becoming one of the world’s most-watched style mavens. A true style chameleon, her stage looks are packed with look-at-me glitz, whilst her day-to-day ensembles are more low-key and relatable, but are by no means boring. One look that she is consistent with though, is showing off her legs.

Just in time for leg-baring season, IU is proving that you don’t have to be Gisele height in order to up your hemline. Take note short girls, we’ve put together 4 of IU’s most wearable looks that can be copied by anyone of any height. Get ready to bare a little more skin this summer.

(1)Korean School Girl

4 IU Style For Short Girls  | Goxip

Just take one stroll down Myeongdong and you’ll see this oversized sweater and mini skirt look everywhere. Giving off a schoolgirl vibe, this look is both feminine and girlish - a style favoured among Korean women. We love the addition of IU’s retro round glasses, a trend that’s popular within Korean right now.

(2)Feminine Style

4 IU Style For Short Girls  | Goxip

Femininity is the primary factor when it comes to fashion among Korean women and IU nails this look perfectly. From charming V-neck ruffles to button-down dresses, and puffed sleeves, she makes this ultra-feminine style look totally wearable for every day. To copy at home, go for vintage silhouettes combined with bright colourways and cutesy accessories.

4 IU Style For Short Girls  | Goxip

(3)Understated Sexy

Though IU’s look is typically girl next door, she does occasionally like to vamp things up when on stage. Proving that black doesn’t always mean boring, IU knows how to accessorize to the max, mixing choker necklaces, layered rings and a red lip to make her look stand out.

(4)Tomboy Style

4 IU Style For Short Girls  | Goxip

Slouchy bombers, boyfriend jeans, white kicks and an air of je ne sais quoi. IU has proved herself to be a pro at nailing tomboy chic. The ultimate cool-girl look, IU often plays with boyish streetwear staples, pairing oversized sweatshirts, caps and checkered shirts with cut-off shorts and cute accessories that keep the look from being overtly masculine. We’re into it.

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