12 Dec 2019
Nicole Leung

Heartfelt Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM!
The Ultimate Guide to Gift Your Boyfriend!

A roundup of unique Christmas gift picks at three price levels: below HK$1000, below HK$5000, over HK$10000.

Heartfelt Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM! <br/>The Ultimate Guide to Gift Your Boyfriend! | Goxip

What Xmas gift do you buy for your boyfriend who's got everything? This should be an oft-pondered question that you have always been thinking about since November. We know this festive season is chaotic enough, so we’ve rounded up the best Christmas gifts (that your boyfriend are guaranteed to love) at three price levels. Feel free to shop directly from the list of unique picks for Him and thank us later for saving your time.

If you are on a low budget but still want to rock your date's world, consider small goods like Iphone Cases or cardholders which are practical enough for daily use. Want to get something for your stylish men? Accessories including belt, socks or beanies can be some good options. Body care products like perfume or shower gel are some other good choices that you may consider, so as to make him decent and cute as always.

See below for the best gifts that are under HK$5000 and still can make HIM happy. You may consider cardholders or wallets from luxury brands like Celine and Loewe. For styling options, there’s a wide range of apparel or accessories that you can choose from. Find our favourites below. If your boyfriend needs to attend meetings very often, we wholeheartedly believe shirts, cufflinks or ties are good picks.

If you are planning to spoil your loved ones this Christmas, we've rounded up some relatively-luxurious picks for you. Accessories in gold or white gold can be stylish yet low key. Is he always on business trips? Consider bags from Celine, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, or Rimowa suitcases. Last but not least, watches are definitely a resounding yes to them. Signaling style, confidence and accountability, watches can be the best gifts for you to show appreciation and timeless love.

A kind reminder here - Check the delivery dates before you make the order, so as to get the perfect gift for HIM on time!

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