27 Oct 2020

How to Choose the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

How to Choose the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape | Goxip

Getting bangs seems to be one of the most popular hair trends this year. However for many, bangs can seem far too much of a commitment, especially since once cut, you’ll no longer be able to swiftly pull your strands into an updo for hiding purposes. If you’ve been toying with the idea however and are nervous to get the chop, there are a few considerations which can help you decide and one of the most important of these is your face shape.

According to the advice of South Korean star hairstylist Chahong, it turns out that as long as you judge your face shape, you can easily know what hairstyle will suit you. When it comes to various face shapes, the main difference lies in the proportions of the face. When looking into the ratios of different kinds of face shapes, the oval-shaped is described as the most versatile, and is known to have a ratio width to length of about 1:1.5. Round faces tend to be almost as wide as they are long, with a ratio usually between 1:1 and 1:1.5. A long face will have a ratio of width to length of over 1:1.5 and finally, square faces are nearly as wide as it is long, with a ratio is close to 1:1.

Oval Face

According to hairstylist Cha Hong, oval faces are the most versatile, with nearly every hairstyle flattering this shape. Since most cuts are more than likely to suit you, try going bold with your bang choice in order to add a personalised touch. However, just make sure to bear in mind your hair texture.

Round Face

If you have a round face, it’s recommended that you go for a haircut that is below your chin. With curly or wavy hair, going too short may add more width to the cheek area. Adding bangs can be a great way of ‘slimming’ your face, a style like curtain bangs will be a great option for this.

Square Face

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If you have a square face you may want to play down a strong, angular jaw. Texture, in the form of curls or choppy ends, does a brilliant job at this and when it comes to bangs, a long, layered fringe will help to soften and balance your features.

Long Face

The longer your hair is, the longer it will make your face look. It's often best to go with shorter styles or those that have plenty of volume. Bangs that just brush your eyebrows are the perfect option for this face shape.