24 Dec 2019
Nicole Leung

Get Ready For Next Ski Vacation Trips!
Your Ultimate Ski Apparel + Gear Guide!

Learn about what clothes and gear you'll need for skiing!

Get Ready For Next Ski Vacation Trips! <br/>Your Ultimate Ski Apparel + Gear Guide! | Goxip

Planning for a ski vacation in your upcoming holidays? Whether you are a newbie or a pro, investing in the right apparel and gear is a sound move. Of course they have to be stylish. But you all need to take its functions into account. When it’s windy or extra cold, you will put yourself in danger without the appropriate gear. If you don’t know where to start, check out our shopping tips and favourites below!

It’s a wise idea to choose something colorful to wear on a snowy background. They make sure you are good-looking in the photos, and catch enough attention when necessary. Invest in the styles that are waterproof and equipped with snow skirts. It is the key to keep cold air and snow out, so that you feel warm, comfortable, and dry all the time.

Same as your jacket, your ski pants should be waterproof and insulated. The styles with multi pockets and belt can also make it even more secure and convenient. If you are wondering how to layer up to keep yourself warm, check out the video below.

It's a good idea to protect your eyes with a pair of ski goggles, from snow, wind and the reflected UV rays.

Don't skimp on the normal gloves. Choose those which are thick, waterproof, durable and warm enough, so as to protect yourself from cold weather and sudden crash.

Ordinary socks, scarves and boots are not enough. A good pair of ski socks can offer you added compression support. Ski boots will also be your best friends on the snowy ground. Moreover, the gaiter can also keep your face and neck protected from the snow and wind.

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