28 Oct 2020

Emily in Paris’ Ashley Park’s Best Looks

Emily in Paris’ Ashley Park’s Best Looks <br/> | Goxip

Whether you loved or hated Emily In Paris, we can all agree that there were some epic fashion moments that lived up to its Sex and The City expectations. However, Emily is not the only fashionista in Emily in Paris. The marketing exec has equally fashionable friends: Mindy Chen and Camille (played by Ashley Park and Camille Razat). Mindy, especially caught our attention with looks that mix eye-catching prints and eclectic pairings.

In reals life also Ashley Park’s style could easily give Emily a run for her money. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of Ashley’s best fashion moments and how you can copy them.

(1)Low-cut Dress

Just like in the show, Park loves to mix eye-catching prints in a high-octane colour palette. This look from her Glamour shoot where she’s rocking a plunging white crop top, trousers and a shaggy bright-pink coat is one of our favourites.

If this look feels daring, simply opt for a crop top that is slightly more conservative on the cleavage front.

(2)Foral Skirt

In addition to high-octane looks, Park can also pull-off soft and more feminine pieces like this maxi floral-print skirt, which is a nod to her Korean heritage.


Mindy in Emily In Paris is rarely spotted without a hat and in real-life too, her looks are rarely adorned without a headpiece. Berets, caps, fedoras, pillbox hats...Ashley rocks them all.

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