22 Jun 2020

The 5 Celine Bags To Buy Now Before Prices Increase

Don't be late!

The 5 Celine Bags To Buy Now Before Prices Increase  | Goxip

The Covid-19 pandemic has been tough on all industries, but the world of retail has suffered especially hard. Just this week the fashion industry suffered even more losses as it was revealed the lingerie icon Victoria’s Secret had declared bankruptcy and the retail giant Zara announced the closure of over a 1,000 retail branches globally. But it’s not just the high street that is feeling hard done by, luxury brands to have lost millions in revenue leading them to an unexpected hike in the retail prices.

Chanel and Louis Vuitton were the first to announce their plans to increase its prices, with Chanel announcing that the price of its iconic handbags and some small leather goods would go up by between 5% and a whopping 17%. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse Celine followed suit announcing its plans to increase its retail prices too.

However, as panicked as were by the news, we are happy to report that the change hasn’t yet been put into effect, which means there still time to invest in your dream Celine bag now before the price increases. If you’ve been thinking about a Celine investment for a while, or simply in the market to start your designer bag collection, the following bags are most worthy of your attention. Just, be warned - you will want them all.

Classic Bag

With its clean lines and pared-back look, we can’t think of a better name for this Celine bag. This tote first came out in 2011 and has been reissued every year since - a testament to its enduring style. If there’s one item you’re going to have in your closet forever it’s this.

Belt Bag

Out of all of Celine’s bags, the Belt has one of the more casual feels to it. Designed to carry all your daily essentials with ease, it has a roomy interior, a removable shoulder strap and multiple pockets for smaller items. Sleek and practical, it’s a prime investment.

Cabas Celine

If you’ve never understood people who can walk out of the house with just their phone, keys and wallet, then the Cabas is for you. Let’s face it, in life it pays to be prepared and the Cabas tote is large enough to hold all of those ‘just in case’ items and more. Made from durable canvas that emblazoned with the brand’s logo, it’s the perfect way to carry everything from your travel card to a spare pair of gym clothes in style. Simply chuck everything in and off you trot.

Triomphe Canvas

The Triomphe shares some of the same characteristics of the Classic Bag (a boxy silhouette, a flap-over finish), but it’s the gold-toned detailing that really set it apart. Featuring a filigree clasp, that takes centre stage, this tote feels uber luxurious but in no way flashy. Take good care of it and it’ll last you a lifetime.

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