8 Dec 2020

How to style all-black outfits, According to BLACKPINK’s Rose

How to style all-black outfits, According to BLACKPINK’s Rose | Goxip

With a new debut studio album out and a 2020 Netflix special, the K-pop group BLACKPINK is well on the path to world domination. Beloved by fans, or rather, should we say Blinks, the girl group has achieved worldwide acclaim and success, that reaches far beyond their hometown of Seoul.

In addition to their killer dance routine and catchy pop lyrics, the girls are just as much known for their style. Alongside bandmates Lisa, Jennie and Jisoo, Rosé has become somewhat of a fashion darling in the industry over the past few years. From the costumes, she wears on-stage and in music videos, to her show-stealing Fashion Week outfits at the Saint Laurent front row, the New Zealand-born singer’s personal style is watched and followed by fans across the globe.

Known for wearing all-black, ahead we delve into Rosé’s signature look and the 3 ways she keeps her look on the sultry side and never boring. BLINKs, take note.

Play With Textures

Whether it’s a long-sleeved LBD, a biker jacket or a cut-put playsuit, wearing all-black is Rosé’s signature look. Wearing head-to-toe black always looks timeless and cool, however, just make sure to play with at least three different textures of materials to keep your look interesting.

Show Off Your Collarbone/Legs/Waist - Just Not All At The Same Time

No matter the season, you can always find Rosé in a cropped T-shirt and a high-waisted mini skirt, or showing off her collarbone with an off-the-shoulder top. By revealing some skin (but not too much), this breaks up her all-black outfit and helps to create shape.

Go Bold With Your Hair

Rosé is famous for her pink rose-tinted hair - it’s become her signature look. By going with her beauty look, this means Rosé can get away with wearing simpler all-black outfits, which in turn leave all the focus on her hair.

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