16 Apr 2020

The Unlikely Style Trends Bella Hadid Isn’t Afraid To Challenge

Bella Hadid Takes on This Season’s Favourite Shoes

The Unlikely Style Trends Bella Hadid Isn’t Afraid To Challenge | Goxip

Bella Hadid has a knack for making any unlikely style trend look cool, whether it’s masculine separates, more revealing 90s styles, or even cutesy Japanese designs, there’s nothing this supermodel can’t pull off. And the one unlikely style item she’s rocking this season? Crocs.

Over the past few years, the ‘ugly shoe’ has been a trend that refuses to disappear and 2020 is no different, with a new crop of ugly shoe designs coming out each season. Talking about the return of ugly-yet-comfortable styles like crocs, in an interview with Vogue, Bella professed her love for the design, stating that it’s their practicability that you can’t go wrong with. And whatever this Hadid sister wears, trends follow, which is why, crocs included, we’ve listed below the 3 unlikely Bella-approved shoe trends you should be adopting now.

Ballet Flats

Originally designed for ballet dancers, ballet flats are super light and comfortable to wear with their flat soles and buttery construction making them synonymous with easy elegance. No longer just practical shoes for dancers, they’ve become the chic shoe of choice for fashion girls such as Bella, who has proved there are plenty of ways to wear this everyday style.

Fluffy Slippers

The Unlikely Style Trends Bella Hadid Isn’t Afraid To Challenge | Goxip

Taking the croc trend to new heights, Ugg’s fluffy slides are the latest 90s item that celebs are falling in love with. This cosy design has been spotted on celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez and (of course) Bella, who have all been spotted rocking this comfortable design in multiple colours.

Mule Shoes

Mules have a history going as far back as to Ancient Rome, but it was the 50s style icon Marilyn Monroe who cemented this shoe trend into immortal fashion. With their flat soles and semi coverage, it’s no wonder these versatile shoes keep on coming back each season - there’s no wrong way to wear them.

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