30 Apr 2019
Shirley Chan

The super affordable BEAUTY BAY products
that every YouTuber is talking about!

SHOP the top trending skincare and makeup including The Ordinary, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Jouer now!

The super affordable BEAUTY BAY products <br/>that every YouTuber is talking about! | Goxip

For all you beauty gurus out there, BEAUTY BAY is definitely no stranger to you! The brand first started off as a beauty product retailer, and now has evolved to having its own brand, which is widely loved by all beauty gurus and make-up artists. Especially their hero product, the Colour Theory 42 Colour Palette, which appears in most of the beauty YouTube channels! But other than this hero product, they also have other top sellers, such as their brushes and highlighters, which are all extremely popular as well! They have just re-launched their Colour Theory collection on the site, so you definitely need to check it out right away for all of your favourite products! You don’t want to miss out on this!

BEAUTY BAY's Colour Theory palettes are the hottest topic in the beauty community, the huge and extra makeup palettes are exciting for all makeup lovers. The three 42-shade palettes are extremely affordable, with an unbeatable price tag – it’s time to get yours and upgrade your makeup game to the next level.

Unlike all the other palettes, Beauty Bay’s 42-shade palettes contains seven step-by-step layering system, which can generate all the basic and endless looks anytime anywhere. No matter if you're a makeup pro or completely new to makeup, simply follow the vertical tutorials to build your look in six stages: base, transition, crease, liner, pop and highlight, the easy to blend formula can achieve any perfect flawless look you like!

Highlighting is so important as it can instantly slim your face! BEAUTY BAY’s highlighter has a bouncy cream-to-powder formula. This makes the highlighters blend perfectly over your skin and level up your look.

How can you miss a set of perfect brushes for a perfect makeup? BEAUTY BAY’s brushes are super soft, just like natural hair. The set below has every brush you need. No more trouble!

Other than their own makeup products, they also have many popular and well known international brands such as The Ordinary, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and much more! The BEAUTY BAY website is definitely a one stop shop for all your favorite and popular makeup brands, we guarantee you won’t need to look anywhere else!

What’s most amazing about their site is that they even have a wide range of brands that are extremely hard to find, such as Jouer Cosmetics! If you have run out of your favourite beauty products, then you must check out BEAUTY BAY’s website to restock your favourite staples because there is a high chance that they will have it! Delivery to Hong Kong is also really quick and simple, with 3 options for you to choose from!

If you haven’t already heard about their loyalty program TRIBE, then you definitely need to opt-in NOW! By simply signing up, you’ll get tons of exclusive discounts, early access to sales, events, product launches, and even double the points! It doesn’t stop here though, you are able to earn points on full priced item you buy, and once you have gotten enough points, you can claim tons of amazing Perks, or save them up for even bigger ones! The Perks are only exclusive to TRIBE members and you won’t be able to get them anywhere else! Make sure you opt-in now so that you don’t miss out!

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